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Welcome to Craig-Parker.net, a website devoted to New Zealand actor Craig Parker.

Please note that this is an unofficial website. Craig Parker does not have an official website or facebook page and he does not receive e-mail here. See the “Site Info” section for more information.

More news and updates for Craig-Parker.Net can be found on Facebook.

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Craig’s Reign Interviews

Here’s a list of the most recent interviews with Craig for his appearance on the tv show Reign:

Reign’s Newest Bad Boy Craig Parker!

EXCLUSIVE! Meet Reign’s Newest Bad Boy Craig Parker!

Exclusive ‘Reign’ Season 2 Interview: Craig Parker Talks Playing Lord Narcisse, A Man Without Fear

Reign Q&A: Craig Parker Teases Vengeance on Mary, Potential Romance & More

Reign’s New ‘Big Bad’ Reveals His ‘Monstrous’ Plans for Mary

Craig Guest Stars on Reign

Craig is set to guest star on 3 episodes of the television show Reign. I’m not sure if that will be all or not, but that’s all that’s listed at the Internet Movie Database. I’ve added a gallery of photos from his first episode that premiered last night (Oct 17) in the TV section of the gallery, so check it out and look for more to come as the episodes air.

Convention Date & TV Appearances

Craig will be at Collectormania in the UK on November 15-17. For details, visit the official site.

Craig was on two US television shows this year:

NCIS: Los Angeles (season 5, episode 4, titled Reznikov, N.). Watch it on the official CBS site here.

Sleepy Hollow (season 1, episode 6, titled The Sin Eater). Watch it on the official Fox site here.

He was also on an episode of Auckland Daze in New Zealand. You can watch it on the official site here.

I’ve posted some videos on the Craig-Parker.net Facebook page under a friends lock. Please friend us to view them.

New Site

As you can see, the new website is live. :-) Many thanks to Skybly for all of the work she put into it. There still may be some broken links here or there, but hopefully not for long. I’ll try to get those worked out as soon as possible when I have the time. In the meantime, enjoy!

Craig’s Convention Schedule 2013

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. The craig-parker.net website has been collecting dust for a while now because things like the gallery and news updates were old and/or broken, but I’ve installed new software and with the ever-generous help of Skybly, things will be in working order soon. I’ll also be getting a new e-mail address as I just cleared several thousand spam messages out of my inbox. If you’ve sent me a message, it’s been deleted, unfortunately. Please message me again if you need to. Hopefully getting these things taken care of will help me keep everyone up to date on all things Craig related.

Upcoming Conventions/Appearances:

Calgary Expo
BMO Center
20 Roundup Way SE
Calgary, AB T2G 2W1
April 26-28, 2013

George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, TX 77010
May 24-26, 2013

Oz Comic Con
Royal Exhibition Building:
9 Nicholson St, Carlton, Victoria, 3053
Melbourne, Australia
July 6 & 7, 2013

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the lack of updates to the news section of this website. Thanks to skybly, the news posting function is now working again. I’ve made some updates to the site since the last posting, I just wasn’t able to post about it. Thanks Skybly for fixing that for me!
I encourage everyone to please visit the site Facebook page:
I’ve been uploading photos over there, along with news updates, and some friends-only videos. Please check it out!
Once I get a few things tidied up I’ll have another update for you with convention dates in the US this summer. Stay tuned!

The Future of Actors in NZ

If you’ve been keeping up with all of the drama concerning filming of The Hobbit, you may have heard that there is now trouble concerning the guarantee of wages and working conditions for those working on the films. Craig attended an actors’ meeting, not because he’s involved in the film, which to my knowledge he is NOT, but because it affects all actors in NZ.
Actors Gather Amidst Hobbit Controversy