Monthly Archives: September 2002


Added small interview to Haldir page on the filming of LOTR
Made new puzzle of the week on Fun With Craig page

A handful of updates

Added Mercy Peak season three premiere info
Added info for Starship Hospital charity event
Added info for auction featuring walk-on role on Mercy Peak
Added separate page for Elvish language, including links to courses in Quenya. Link can be found through Haldir page
Added page for archery. Link can be found through Haldir page


Added photo to Haldir gallery of gift giving scene from the FOTR extended DVD. Yeah I know, it took me long enough to realize that should be in the gallery!
Added a page of spoilers for the Two Towers, You can find the link on the Haldir page
Added a coundown button for the Two Towers. Thanks to Orlando Bloom Multimediafor the script!