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Craig in Nepal & Other misc. stuff

Craig is going to be on the show Intrepid Journey’s on TVOne in NZ. This series will last seven weeks, with a different celebrity and location each week starting on Monday March 3rd at 7:00PM. I don’t know yet which week Craig will be on yet. Peter Elliot is on the first scheduled episode. I have added a small write upand photo on this show in the articles section courtesy of Karen Price.
We have 4 new photos in the Mercy Peak gallery thanks to Starman.
We have 8 new photos in the Bellerophon gallery thanks to Pennie.
There are new sites in the links section to Craig Parker Paradise, Haunted Fantasy.
Amber wrote in to say that gorgeousgeekyguys.comhas a poll where you can vote for Craig. If you have a minute, go vote!
There is an online petition you can sign asking for more Haldir footage in the Two Towers DVD. Click HERE.
Also, a reminder… another episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm that Craig does a voice for will air Saturday March 1st.

Power Rangers, MP t-shirt, & TV stuff

Thanks to Gracie, I’ve got the information now on the Powers Rangers Ninja Storm episodes Craig has done voice work for.. Craig does the voice for the villain Blue Face in the episode Prelude to a Storm,and Mad Magnet in There’s No “I” In Team.For more information, click HERE.
For those of you in New Zealand, the official Mercy Peak site has a contest online where you can win an autographed t-shirt that is signed by some of the cast, including Craig. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it is for NZ residents only. There is also a small bio of Craig and his character on the site.
Click here to enter.
For all the Craig fans in Germany, there is a website where you can vote on some shows that you would like to see on TV. Mercy Peak and Shortland Street are on the list. Please note that you can ONLY VOTE ONCE A WEEKor your vote will be disqualified. If you aren’t in Germany you can still help them out by voting. I just did!
Click here to vote.
Thanks to Skybly for the link!
The Xena episode “For Him the Bell Tolls” that features Craig as Prince Sarpedon can be seen in Canada on the Space station on March 4th at 11:00 am. Make sure you check your local listings to be sure. Thanks to “cant xcape” for the info!
Also… a few of you have e-mailed me asking why your entries in my guestbook were deleted. I delete out any messages that are posted to other fans. Please go to the links section to find forums where you can get in touch with fans from all over the world.

Q&A, new photos & wallpapers

haldir-lives.orghas added an exclusive Q&A with Craig on their site. RUN and check it out!
Added a scan of the “Craig Lets His Hair Down” articleto the text of the article. Thanks to Cristena and Melissa for both scanning in the article and sending it in. I also added a large size scan of the photo to the misc. section of the gallery.
Added five new wallpapers.
Swapped out some of the FOTR galleryphotos for larger ones. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the message from the person that sent them, so if they could e-mail me that would be great! 😀

**A Reminder**

If you live in the US and get the Oxygen channel, Craig’s episode of A Key To the Kingdom will be on Thursday the 20th at 11:00AM EST, 10:00AM CST. Make sure you check your local guide to make sure of the time. Craig isn’t on until toward the end of the show, so hang in there!

Kevin Smith Tribute

The Kevin Smith tribute show that was aired last Saturday is now available to download on a fantastic Xena site HERE.
There are a couple clips of Craig in it.
Thanks to Mary D for allowing me to post the link!
You can also order a tape of the program in NTSC format (compatible in the US) through KiwiAttic.You can also order New Zealand magazines through their site and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Contact them for more information.


It has been called to my attention that some visitors to this website have been taking things from it for their own use. This is NOT cool. I just saw an auction on Ebay for a photo made up of wallpapers and photos taken directly from If I see more listings such as this I will have the auctions shut down. The photos, content and articles on this site are for everyone to enjoy here, not to be taken and used by others and certainly not to be used to make money on through Ebay or anywhere else. I would hate to have to remove the downloads section or protect the photos on here so that they could not be saved or printed. Please respect the rights of the people that took the time to make things that we can all enjoy by not stealing them, or by bidding on these auctions and giving these people your money. Thank you.
***Edited to add***
Please feel free to download the wallpapers to use for your own personal computers. That is what they were intended for. You may also use the images from this site if you are making wallpapers for I am asking that they not be used to sell or for other websites.

Action Figure Photo

I have added a photo of the 3″ Haldir action figure made by Play Along Toys to the LOTR merchandise section.This figure is due to be released in August 2003.
You can see photos of all the LOTR toys HERE
I also changed the links page around and have added some new sites. Check them out!

Mercy Peak & Kevin Smith Tribute

For those of you in New Zealand…
Mercy Peak has just started season four on TV One, Friday nights at 8:30.
Saturday February 15th on TV Two there will be a special on the late Kevin Smith (you may know his as Ares on Xena: Warrior Princess) that will air from 8:30-9:30 followed by the movie Lawless. Kevin was a highly regarded actor in NZ and had known Craig for many years, working on many projects together before his death. He is greatly missed.
Thanks to Anelith for the information!


For those of you in the US, the Xena episode of Key to the Kingdom will be shown on the Oxygen channel Feb 20 11am EDT and Mar 20 4pm EDT according to their website.
Please check your local schedule to make sure that the information is correct.
Thanks to Fay for the info!