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I’ve been wanting to do this ever since this site went online in July of last year, and I think it’s popular enough now to finally do it. I’d like to change out the photo collage on the main page once a month. Since we have so many talented Craig fans out there, it would be fantastic if we could showcase their talents a little more. I’m going to start taking submissions now for a collage to go up on March 1st.
-Must be no larger than 550×550 pixels
-Must be in jpeg or gif format
-Must show a range of Craig’s acting roles and/or personal appearances
-If you use someone else’s photo, you MUST have permission from them
-Do not add type
-All entries must be submitted by February 23. All entries after that date will be counted for the April collage
-Send to
We have a new articlein the articles section. Thanks to Nuinmorgul for taking the time to type it up and send it to me! If anyone can send me a scan of it, I’d really appreciate it!
The Craig Parker Birthday Project website has been moved.
Craig Parker Birthday Project