Craig in Nepal & Other misc. stuff

Craig is going to be on the show Intrepid Journey’s on TVOne in NZ. This series will last seven weeks, with a different celebrity and location each week starting on Monday March 3rd at 7:00PM. I don’t know yet which week Craig will be on yet. Peter Elliot is on the first scheduled episode. I have added a small write upand photo on this show in the articles section courtesy of Karen Price.
We have 4 new photos in the Mercy Peak gallery thanks to Starman.
We have 8 new photos in the Bellerophon gallery thanks to Pennie.
There are new sites in the links section to Craig Parker Paradise, Haunted Fantasy.
Amber wrote in to say that gorgeousgeekyguys.comhas a poll where you can vote for Craig. If you have a minute, go vote!
There is an online petition you can sign asking for more Haldir footage in the Two Towers DVD. Click HERE.
Also, a reminder… another episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm that Craig does a voice for will air Saturday March 1st.