Monthly Archives: February 2003

Haldir Lives & “Next” Photo

There is a new Haldir site that I urge everyone to check out. It’s fantastic! 😀
There is also a message board there for those of you that love posting in my guestbook.
And for everyone that has been requesting a larger photo from the “Next” magazine article, Skybly was nice enough to scan it REALLY big for us! It’s been added to the Misc. section of the photo gallery.

Contest Clarification

Just to clarify what I meant by not using other’s photos with copyrights… an example is photos from Ring*Con that you see posted here or on other sites that someone else has taken and you do not have permission to use. Movie screencaps, etc. are prefectly fine.

Contest & Article

I’ve been wanting to do this ever since this site went online in July of last year, and I think it’s popular enough now to finally do it. I’d like to change out the photo collage on the main page once a month. Since we have so many talented Craig fans out there, it would be fantastic if we could showcase their talents a little more. I’m going to start taking submissions now for a collage to go up on March 1st.
-Must be no larger than 550×550 pixels
-Must be in jpeg or gif format
-Must show a range of Craig’s acting roles and/or personal appearances
-If you use someone else’s photo, you MUST have permission from them
-Do not add type
-All entries must be submitted by February 23. All entries after that date will be counted for the April collage
-Send to
We have a new articlein the articles section. Thanks to Nuinmorgul for taking the time to type it up and send it to me! If anyone can send me a scan of it, I’d really appreciate it!
The Craig Parker Birthday Project website has been moved.
Craig Parker Birthday Project