It has been called to my attention that some visitors to this website have been taking things from it for their own use. This is NOT cool. I just saw an auction on Ebay for a photo made up of wallpapers and photos taken directly from craig-parker.net. If I see more listings such as this I will have the auctions shut down. The photos, content and articles on this site are for everyone to enjoy here, not to be taken and used by others and certainly not to be used to make money on through Ebay or anywhere else. I would hate to have to remove the downloads section or protect the photos on here so that they could not be saved or printed. Please respect the rights of the people that took the time to make things that we can all enjoy by not stealing them, or by bidding on these auctions and giving these people your money. Thank you.
***Edited to add***
Please feel free to download the wallpapers to use for your own personal computers. That is what they were intended for. You may also use the images from this site if you are making wallpapers for craig-parker.net. I am asking that they not be used to sell or for other websites.