Monthly Archives: March 2003

New Gallery!

We finally have a new gallery for some photos from the Oscar party hosted by TheOneRing.Net!
All of these photos are being used with special permission from their owners. Please don’t steal them and post them anywhere else. If any of these photos end up on Ebay the photographers will contact Ebay to have the auctions shut down. Let’s keep them free for everyone to enjoy. Thanks!

Working on a new page!

I’m currently making a new section for the Oscar party, so keep checking here for news that it’s up. In the meantime, here’s another photo. 😀
If anyone finds photos that I don’t have, please let me know. I cannot take anything without permission from the person that took the photo, so please just send links so I can get permission first. I will already be linking to the reports atOneRing.Netalong with Ian Smith’s.
This photo is copyright by Baron Wilderness and is used with permission.

Oscar Party

I had a fantastic time at the party hosted by TheOneRing.Netand got to spend a few minutes with Craig. He is so warm and friendly, everything that you would imagine him to be. And yes, he loves the website! A great big bear hug to Rebecca for making it all possible.
*Photo copyright by Bear. Do not use without permission.*

Xena Episode

The Xena episode that Craig is in, “The Key to the Kingdom” will be on Thursday March, 20th at 4:00PM eastern on Oxygen. PLEASE check your local listing to make sure of the time. Craig is only in the episode toward the end, so hang in there! Thanks to everyone who sent in the info.

Guestbook entries & Fanclub Mag

I have recently deleted entries from the guestbook where people are leaving what is supposed to be Craig’s phone number and address. First of all, I can guarantee you that Craig is NOT listed in the local telephone directory and that this is a different Craig Parker. Also, even if it was his address, it is not appropriate to be posting it on the internet for the world to see. Please stop. I will continue to delete those posts.
Someone left me a message to check out the LOTR magazine article on Craig but I have yet to find it. If anyone has it, please send me the scan so I can post it for everyone. Thanks!