Gathering of the Fellowship

For those of you still trying to decide of you want to go to the Gathering of the Fellowshipin Toronto this December, this might just change your mind:
Riddles in the Dark
Dramatic Reading by Craig Parker and Mark Ferguson
“What’s it got in its pocketses, precioussss”? What indeed? Craig Parker and Mark Ferguson, that’s what! Come and hear a dramatic reading of the classic chapter from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit , “Riddles in the Dark”, presented by Lord of the Rings actors Craig Parker , (Haldir), and Mark Ferguson , (Gil-galad)!
(Children under 13 will be given priority seating)
Mark and Craig will also be signing autographs and may be involved in other programs yet to be announced. It’s nice to see that a few people that visit have signed up to go! I bought my tickets a few weeks ago, so I hope to see some of you there.