ROTK, Young Herc & Links

I’ve added a few things since the weekend,. They are: had a spoiler for Return of the King and it mentions Haldir. PLEASE know that it is entirely possible that this is NOT true. Read the info here.
The episode of Young Hercules, Dad Always Liked Me Best, that Craig appears in will be shown on Wednesday, June 18th in the US on the WAM channel at at 7:30PM and 11:30PM CENTRAL time. Please check your local listing to see when it will air on your area. Thanks to Kim for letting me know!
Thanks to Beleg, we have a whole bunch of new Young Hercules photos in the gallery.
Thanks to Marianne who donated a scan of the photo of Craig from New Idea magazine that I added to the Misc. gallery.It should show up as the third photo from the end.
I have added links to the following sites:
Love & Armour
MP Fanlisting
Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site – For & By Tolkien Fanatics
There are two photos of Craig up at the Peace Foundation
Thanks to Guia for the info!
There is a new URL for the
Craig Parker Birthday Project