Monday update #2

Thanks to Karina, who posted the info in the guestbook, the We network in Canada is once again showing Mercy Peak twice a day starting this Thursday, the 18th of September! I don’t know if they have added the show permanently or not, as quite a few people received messages back from them a couple weeks ago saying that Mercy Peak had been removed from their fall schedule. So take advantage of the show while you can!
Click here to see schedule.
Xena & Hercules episodes with Craig are showing in the US as follows:
Xena: For Him The Bell Tolls
Fri 09.19 12:00noon Oxygen
Young Hercules: Dad Always Liked Me Best
Tue 09.23 11:00am WAM
Young Hercules: Mommy Dearests
Thu 09.25 11:00am WAM
These are EST, but as always, check your TV guide to be sure. Thanks Kim!