Finally an update!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently! I got a little tired from the trip to Tacoma and doing so many updates in the site right away when I got back. I had more e-mail than I could keep up with on a daily basis and I just needed a bit of a break. But now I’m back!
There are seven more photos in the London Expo gallerycourtesy of Rosamunde.
There are 8 new photos in the Istrocon gallery,submitted by Taris
There are at least 20 new photos in the RingCon Tacoma Gallerycourtesy of Lammy, Laura and Maebhdh Pendreic
Skybly sent in a link for a review on the Two Towers extended DVD that mentions that Craig does commentary! Read the article here.
The official site has a video clip of Craig talking about sword mastery HERE.Thanks to everyone that wrote in to let me know!
I have added a small clipping from Empire Magazine that Kayleigh sent in to the articles section.Also, for some reason the article from the official LOTR fanclub magazine that I added over the summer got deleted out, so I have added the text back in. I’ll have to rescan the pages and add that back in as well.
Apparently the Oxygen channel here in the US has changed its schedule and To Helicon and Backwill not be shown on the 19th as I originally posted. However, the episode the Key to the Kingdomwill be shown on November 17th. As always, check your local listing for showtime.
There is an online petition for the Auckland Theater Company to release a book of photos that will possibly include photos of Craig. If you would be interested in purchasing a copy, please sign the petition here.Thanks to Janet Sella for bringing this to my attention.