Photos, Calendar, Action Figure & Donations

Just a few updates while we anxiously await photos from Ring*Con in Germany!
There are 12 new photos in the Istrocon gallery,submitted by Taris
There are 3 new photos in the RingCon Tacoma Gallerycourtesy of Dana Fitzgerald.
In the new Two Towers 2004 daily calendar there are four different color photos of Haldir inside. Order from Amazon

For those of you in the US having trouble finding the Helms Deep 5 pack with the Haldir action figure, you can order it though Entertainment Earth here.If it is not listed on the main page, type this item number into the search field: TB81109.
Several people have asked if they can donate to the website to help out with the cost. If you like the site and wish to make a donation, click the button below. All donations go directly toward the current webhosting bill, it does not go to me.