2 More Conventions, Bricks and Xena

Craig has been scheduled for the following public appearances:

Kris has created a Haldir building for Craig over at the Top Dog City site. If you wish to add to it, click the “brick” link at the top right of their page and fill out their form.
The Xena episode, the Key to the Kingdom will be shown on the Oxygen channel in the US on Tue Feb 24 at 10:00AM EST and Wed Feb 25 03:00PM EST.
I’ve had several people e-mail me in the past couple of weeks asking me if Craig’s going to be in any movies this year or if he’ll be on TV or at a convention in their area. The new design of the site is supposed to help all of you out with questions like this. All upcoming appearances will be added in to the “reminders” section on the news page. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed, I have no knowledge of it.