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Elen e-mailed to say that is doing their weekly poll on who the cutest boy is in Middle-earth. I find it highly amusing that John Rhys-Davies, among others, is considered a “boy!” Anyway, Craig is one of the people to vote for, so go cast your vote right on their main page!

Official Merchandise & Dragon*Con Update

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the news that there has been some official merchandise for Craig in the works recently. Yes, it’s true! I was able to look the site over and check out all the merchandise, and it’s really fantastic. The little drawing of Craig has been done by Criz, who also made the illustration on the main page of this site. The official merchandise site URL is a secret until the opening, which is scheduled for Monday August 23rd, if all goes well. To help promote the new items, Craig-Parker.Net has been given a shirt and a hat to give away to one lucky winner. This contest is open from now until 12:00 noon US Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, August 22nd, so enter today!

The Dragon*Con website has finally updated their guest list and have added Craig along with a hilarious bio. Go take a look!

Comedy Debate MP3 & New Photos

We have an MP3 of Craig’s argument from the Queenstown Winter Festival Comedy Debate, 2004 in the sounds section. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to listen. Thanks to Skybly for taking the time to make that for us!
It’s been a long time since I added a new wallpaper, and we just got a new one from Ben in the wallpaper section. First one at the top.
We have eight new screencaps from the Queenstown Winter Festival debate courtesy of Skybly, and none new photos of the Elf Fantasy Fair from Jorden. See new photos here.

Fellowship Festival Live Q&A

Yesterday Craig did a live Q&A in the forum for the Fellowship Festival. A big thank you to Skybly, who let me know at the last minute that it was taking place. I almost missed out! Luckily I was able to ask him one question. The Q&A is 27 pages long, and I know that a lot of you had trouble following it because of all the chit-chat in between the questions being asked and the actual answers, so I’ve pulled out what I think are the best ones and put it all together HERE. I’m leaving all his typos as is. 😀
The original forum Q&A can be found HERE for those of you that have the patience to sort through it all!
Because I think it’s important to read, I asked him what book that he had read recently that he liked, and he recommended What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt. I highly encourage everyone to pick up a copy.
To order in the UK, click here.
To order in the US, click here.
To order in Germany, click here.
To order the German translation, click here.

Dragon*Con in Atlanta

So far it’s looking like Craig just might confirm for Dragon*Con here in the US in Atlanta, GA., on September 3-6th, 2004.TheOneRing.Net has him listed on their Tolkien Track programming, but he has yet to be added to the guest list on the convention site itself. Until that happens, it is not definite!
I live in Atlanta, so I’ll see you there!