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Young Hercules & Toy Biz

I’ve been bad about posting TV schedules, so I took some time today to look them up! We’ve got both episodes of Young Hercules that Craig was in showing in the month of February here in the US.
Dad Always Liked Me Best shows on February 4th at 5:08PM and 11:30PM and February 7th at 4:45PM on the WAM channel in the US.
Mommy Dearest shows on February 8th at 5:08PM and 11:30PM and February 9th at 4:45PM on the WAM channel in the US.
As always, please check your local TV Guide to be sure of the correct show time.
I have called and e-mailed Toybiz about the Lothlorien Gift Set and the other announced sets that are supposed to contain Haldir, and right now they have no information to give out on any of them. They have been known to cancel figures before, including the FOTR version of Haldir a couple years ago, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Keep in mind that the other sets will not each have a new version of Haldir, but will probably be either the Helm’s Deep version, or the yet to be released Galadhrim version.
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More Jackalope Info

I heard from the writer/director this morning of Return of the Jackalope, Michael Friedman, and here’s what he had to say about Craig and his film:
“I hope people don’t get disappointed, but it’s really just a very, very minor part. Basically the movie is a mockumentary, or fake documentary, about an old horror film called “Curse of the Jackalope” (the film doesn’t actually exist, we made it specifically for the mockumentary). Craig was very generous with his time at Dragon*Con and agreed to play along and he improvised a little interview about the film, as if he had seen it. We got a couple of other actors while at Dragon*Con to talk about the film, as well, including Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker, as well as some other actors not affiliated with LOTR (for some reason, has only listed Craig and Bruce so far). Anyway, we really appreciated them spending the time to help out our film, they were really funny and it’s going to add a lot to the film. Craig was very cool and a very nice guy.
As for the film itself, it’s very much an independent feature. We are nearing completion on the filming, and will soon get around to completing the edit. We hope to enter the film into some film festivals and try to get distribution, hopefully in theaters and definitely on DVD!”

Return of the Jackalope, New Topps Card & Award Results

I’m back from the One Ring Celebration and I had a great time! Neither Craig nor this site won the award in the catgory we were nominted for, but just getting the nomination itself was pretty amazing. Thanks to everyone for voting!
I have a tiny bit of info about the film Return of the Jackalope, which is listed in Craig’s list of credits at the IMDB. Apparently it’s a mocumentary that both Craig and Bruce Hopkins did a little something for while at Dragon*Con this past year. I’ll be sure to pass along more info when I find out more about it.
Haldir has another Topps card! In the new LOTR trilogy chrome set, there’s a card of Haldir in his Helm’s Deep armor. My scan doesn’t do it a bit of justice, so you’ll need to run out and buy a set of cards to see just how gorgeous it really is.


Voting is now closed for the One Ring Awards. Thanks to everyone for their support! I’m heading out to California for the One Ring Celebration and will be gone from Wednesday the 12th-Monday the 17th, Hope to see some of you there!