Return of the Jackalope, New Topps Card & Award Results

I’m back from the One Ring Celebration and I had a great time! Neither Craig nor this site won the award in the catgory we were nominted for, but just getting the nomination itself was pretty amazing. Thanks to everyone for voting!
I have a tiny bit of info about the film Return of the Jackalope, which is listed in Craig’s list of credits at the IMDB. Apparently it’s a mocumentary that both Craig and Bruce Hopkins did a little something for while at Dragon*Con this past year. I’ll be sure to pass along more info when I find out more about it.
Haldir has another Topps card! In the new LOTR trilogy chrome set, there’s a card of Haldir in his Helm’s Deep armor. My scan doesn’t do it a bit of justice, so you’ll need to run out and buy a set of cards to see just how gorgeous it really is.