Action Figure Release! Xena show in Germany & Impostor Update

Well, the Lothlorien Giftset with Galadhrim Haldir is finally out in the US at Entertainment Earth!
One of Craig’s episode of Xena will be shown on april, 17, 12:40 Uhr, Kabel1 “Xena – Dem die Glocke schlagt (For him the bell tolls).” Thanks to Petra for letting me know!
And an update on the person that was out there pretending to be Craig … The person doing it was caught and has been reported to Craig’s management, their ISP, the Fellowship Festival and to Ring*Con (in case Craig goes again this year). Once again, Craig does not visit fan websites, forums, chatrooms, mailing lists or Yahoo groups. If you know of someone that is out there pretending to be Craig, feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know.