New MP3 & Jackalope Clips

I’ve added an MP3 of Craig’s speech at the 2000 comedy debate for “We have seen the end of the golden weather” in the downloads section. Click the “sounds” link and it’s at the bottom of the page.
Also, someone sent me a CD ages ago with two clips from Tacoma’s Ring*Con, one of which is Craig doing the Nazgul screech (and one of him reading the VSDs). I can’t remember who sent it, but if you’re out there, can you please e-mail me? I’d like to post one if that’s okay.
The film Return of the Jackalope has finished filming and is going through the editing stage. There are four preview clips up here, none of which feature Craig, but the first one has Bruce Hopkins in it, so I thought you might want to check it out. Michael told me today that he’ll see if he can get one up soon that has Craig in it, so I’ll let you know if that happens. Return of the Jackalope
Since there’s not much going on right now, if anyone has any photos that I don’t have, or video clips or screen caps, whatever … please send them in!
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