Monthly Archives: May 2006

Auction & More Photos

To help with the cost of sponsoring Craig at the Gathering of the Fellowship, I’ve listed a vintage autographed poster and a LOTR fanclub magazine on ebay. Check it out here.
Thanks to Circe, there are new photos in the gallery in the Misc. section from the clip on TV One where Craig talked about Liddy Holloway after her passing. Circe gave me these photos about 9 months ago and I forgot to post them. You can watch the original video clip here.

Weekend Lovers

Craig’s name has just been listed in the IMDB under a film called Weekend Lovers, directed by Kiran Shah. Kiran has quite an impressive listing of film credits, including the stunt double for Frodo in LOTR. This is his first featurelength film, which is being called “a comedy farce set in the U.K.” More information on Kiran Shah can be found at
If there’s no more information by the time of the Gathering of the Fellowship, I’ll try and ask Craig, as I recently decided to go and signed up for a sponsorship. Hope to see some of you there!

R&G Promo Piece Scans

I added the Rozencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead promo piece to the articles section. Scroll down near the bottom of the articles index and you’ll find it there.

New Old Photos & Wallpaper

I’ve had an old Rozencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead promo piece for ages that I completely forgot to scan, so I did it today and added two of the photos to the gallery under Miscellaneous. I’ll add the full piece in the next day or two.
Thanks to Gracie, we have a new wallpaper that she made with one of the photos.
Please feel free to send in wallpapers that you’ve made! I’d like some screensavers if anyone has any of those as well. And I always accept photos, so please send them in!

Live Journal Community

I’ve started a community on Live Journal that everyone is welcome to post and/or comment in. Anything related to Craig can be posted there, such as photos, news, reviews, comments on any of the characters he’s played, wanting to meet up with other Craig fans in your area or at conventions, etc. Feel free to join in! Frends