Please Help the GOTF!

The Gathering of the Fellowship still needs help! Even if you aren’t going to the convention you can still help out, as you will see the results of your efforts here when I post the photos of Craig from the con. Please read this message from Talasi below:
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Operation Gathering so far. You are making a difference!!! As you know we recently found out The Gathering of the Fellowship is a go. Yay!!! Right now the organizers are working feverishly to reorgnize the programming and make arrangements for the smaller number of attendees. I’m looking forward to the smaller crowds and getting to know you all!
We are still not out of the woods yet, though. The convention is definitely a go, but we need to raise funds to help cover guest expenses. Please keep in mind that this convention is put on by Tolkien lovers donating their time and efforts to put this together for all of us to enjoy. We are coming together in fellowship. This is not a convention machine like Creation. We told them we wanted Craig Parker, so we need to step up now and show our support to make sure we get him there!
Currently the guest expenses are the largest outgoing of funds for this convention. We really need your support in order to bring all the guests to the convention. If you can donate, please go to and donate via PayPal. All money goes directly to The Gathering of the Fellowship to cover guest expenses. Every little bit counts!!! Even a few dollars from a bunch of people goes a long way! Operation Gathering has several items up for auction right now with all money going to cover guest expenses. Please bid now!
We have some new items up including a custom-made Legolas costume that can be ready in time for the Gathering and costume pajamas based on Legolas’ jerkin.
Remember, every little bit counts!
In Fellowship,
Talasi, Elda, Zee, Heather, Laheara, & Kathy