Review, Haldir in Disco Boots & Video Downloads

Another review of Glide Time:
“Oliver Driver’s direction shows a similar ambivalence – Craig Parker, as the office smart alec, is encouraged to throw himself into flourishes of pure theatricality but the production always settles back into the comic realism that is Roger Hall’s natural habitat.”
Read the full article at the NZ Herald. I’ve also got all the Glide Time articles & reviews all together on one place in the Stage & Screen section.
I spent some time going through the DVD extras on both FOTR sets and got a couple new caps that I’ve added into the gallery. I also changed the gallery a bit, I’ve made all movie caps in one section and then extras, promo pics and merchandise pics in another to make everything more organized. I’ve got an interesting shot of the scene where Haldir leads the Fellowship to meet Celeborn & Galadriel where it was filmed against blue screen, then later when they put in the CGI. I’ve also got two caps of Haldir wearing those hilarious disco boots to make him taller in a much larger size than the one I’ve had, so check them out!
Also, if you’re wanting to see some video clips of Craig at conventions, here’s a selection of them at It’s a great site with pretty much everything you can think of. I’ve been watching Fullmetal Alchemist on there for the past few months.