A Twist In the Tale, Kevin Smith Trust & E-mail Issues

For those of you that have never seen Craig’s episode of A Twist In the Tale, the series set is available on Amazon. View details here.
I forgot to mention that I received an e-mail from Lori Joyce about the auction for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund that was held at GOTF. $2500 NZ was raised! For anyone that wants to donate, the official website is here.
To viggoswench at aol: I have been responding to all of your e-mails that you’ve sent to me except the last one, dated July 21st. I have no idea why you’re not getting my responses, but that’s not my problem. Threatening me is childish and the best way to NOT get something posted on my site, so I won’t be posting your wallpapers or anything else that you may have. Sorry to everyone else that visits my site that has to read this.