Monthly Archives: March 2007

A Little More Light

Craig will be the MC at A Little More Light, the official opening show of AK07, Auckland, NZ’s yearly festival. The event begins March 10th at 7:30pm and fireworks go off at 8:45.
Details at the NZ Herald website

Multiple Updates

Lots of updates today!
I added a section for the Script to Screen event Craig was an MC for. You can download the event press release there and see a photo of him from the event.
I’ve added a section for The Pillowman in the Stage section of the site along with the photo.
I’ve added some photos of Glide Time to the gallery. Photos 1 & 2 were sent to me by Craig’s assistant, John, several months ago, but I just got around to getting permission to post them, along with a few others, by the photographer, Andrew Malmo.
I’ve added a link to the official site for Weekend Lovers, along with Council of Elrond in the links section.