Shortland Street & Photos

Great news for those of us that don’t live in New Zealand! While visiting the official Shortland Street site last week, I noticed they’ve added a feature where you can download the current weeks episodes to watch on your computer! There is a charge per episode, but I think it’s well worth it.
When I find out the dates that Craig’s guest appearance will be on, I’ll be sure to post the news.
I also stumbled on a folder on my computer with some photos that I should have added to the site ages ago. Sorry about that! I’ve uploaded them now. We have some new ones in the Ring*Con 2005 gallery, thanks to Skarbog, and some in the Elf Fantasy Fair gallery, thanks to Tessa. Sorry it took me so long to get those up!
Also … I have no photos at all from Ring*Con 2006, so if anyone has some, PLEASE send them in! Thanks!