Monthly Archives: March 2008

Stage & Screen Updates & Mercy Peak Download

I’ve done a bit of updating on the site today. Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans, has its own page here. I also added in the press release from Lakeshore Entertainment announcing the film.
Craig’s new TV series, Diplomatic Immunity, has its own page here, which includes a brief synopsis of the series and the actors involved.
I’ve added Craig’s appearance on Celebrity Joker Poker which aired on February 17th to the Public Appearances section. I also just did a search for the show on youtube, and aquapiyo has just finished uploading that episode in five parts here.
I uploaded season one, episode episode of Mercy Peak on megaupload here. Again, please do NOT post these episodes anywhere else, including youtube. Enjoy!

News problem fixed!

As I’m sure all of you have noticed, there haven’t been any updates in a few months. My mother passed away on Christmas, and then when I finally felt up to updating, something wasn’t working on the news blog and I was unable to post. Thanks to skybly for taking time out of her busy schedule to fix that for me, and now we’re up and running once again!
I’ll be going through the links I’ve saved while I was unable to post, and hopefully I’ll be able to make some more updates.
Here is an article about Craig’s new TV series.
I’ve added an article here about his new series and about his role in the upcoming film, Rise of the Lycans.
And, as a treat, I’ve uploaded the first episode of Mercy Peak for downloading. This is NOT to uploaded anywhere else, including youtube! The quality isn’t exactly clear because I converted it from VHS to DVD, then ripped the DVD to an avi file. I’ve uploaded it to megaupload here. I’ll most likely upload episode 2 next week. ENJOY!