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Craig Interview Video

The official site for Legend of the Seeker has updated with several videos of the cast, including one of Craig. See them here.
Also, there’s an unofficial fansite for LotS, which looks to have a lot of great info from the TV show and the books. Thanks to Amanda for letting me know about it!

Free “Seeker” Download on iTunes

iTunes now has the documentary, Making of a Legend, and the first half hour of the premiere episode available for a FREE download. Go to iTunes and type in “Legend of the Seeker,” and click on the season 1 results to access the downloads.

“Seeker” Documentary Download & Screencaps

I recorded the documentary “Making of a Legend” on my tivo, and was able to convert the file to a M4V, which should be playable through iTunes if you import it into your iTunes library. I was also able to play it through Quicktime.
Download the documentary here.
Unfortunately, if any of you have trouble playing it, I’m not going to be able to help you figure out why, as I know nothing about these file formats. PLEASE DO NOT upload this documentary anywhere else!
I also made a few screen caps of Craig, which I added to the new section of the photo gallery here.
I also started a page for the new TV series that you can check out here.

New Trailer & Legend of the Seeker Special Premiers This Weekend!

Check out the new trailer for Legend of the Seeker HERE. It’s got a tiny clip of Craig.

October 16, 2008 – The new syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker is premiering the weekend of November 1st, but viewers will be able to get a preview starting this weekend. The special The Making of a Legend will be airing beginning October 18th.
The special is hosted by Lucy Lawless, who of course starred in Xena: Warrior Princess. Legend of the Seeker sees Lawless’ Xena producers, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, return to the syndicated fantasy arena, having had tremendous success there with Xena and Hercules. Lawless is married to Tapert.
The Making of a Legend provides interviews and a preview with the executive producers, including Raimi and Tapert; lead actors, Craig Horner and Bridget Regan; as well as the teams responsible for the special effects, stunts and costume designs. You can check for local tune-in information.
Lucy Lawless Introduces a Legend
There is also a new article on the series with lots of information at
The author of the series of books that these tv series is based on, has his own myspace page here.