Fellowship Festival Live Q&A 2004

Fellowship Festival Live Q&A

Fellowship Festival Forum Live Q & A

Craig: hi guys. please be gentle with me… this is my first time

Lady: Ha, found 🙂 Great to … read you 🙂 This is a question from a friend concerning Henley from “No one can hear you”: Henley is nearly identical with Dewey from “Scream”. Was this intended and has it been your idea?
Craig: Yes, I am sorry for the film, we all had a lot of fun but it’s crap isn’t it!

Adora: First off, you were incredible in both FOTR and TTT. I am an avid book verse fan and truly, you personified Haldir exactly how I pictured him. Your presence alone gave incredible power to what would have otherwise been an insignificant role. Fabulous performance! My question for you is: How did Lord of the Rings affect you on an emotional level? I have noticed that the experience of either being part of the cast or simply just viewing the movies seems to have a profound effect on basically everyone. I myself was recovering from temporary paralysis and a broken engagement when I watched the first two and the movies really did change my life so much for the better. In a time where I had lost all faith in my life and myself, the theme of hope and courage against seemingly impossible odds within those movies really struck a chord within me. I still watch them whenever things go wrong in my life and they really do so much to brighten my world. Even if you don’t get to answer my question, I wanted to thank you for being a part of that. Best wishes, Adora
Craig: Dear Adora, wow, I’m thrilled that the films had such an effect on you and got you through a difficult time. Isn’t that the brilliance of Tolkien and Peter’s creations. It allows us to escape into a different world.

ginny: Hi Craig ! I’ll see you in Paris in September, do you speak french ? Or know a few words?
Craig: A little bit but I get scared, I will do my best!

Shawna: This is Shawna from Texas and I was wondering if you could answer my question’s? how long did it take you to get your elvish down ? my second question is are you going to do any commentary for Return of the King my third question is what was it like to be on the set of Xena. my fourth qusetion is how did you prepared for your role as an Elf and what was the most difficult about that. and my final question what was it like learning your Elvish lines. thank you for your time MR. Parker and i hope to see you in another movie soon. thank you, Shawna
Craig: Nice to see you Shawna, Lots of questions there willdo my best! It took forever to learn elvish and even on the day I had to be prompted between takes. I blame the blond wig. no commentry on the dvd. Xena was great thanks to Lucy and Rene.

LadyGarnett: Hello Craig: We met at the Dinner with Craig Parker. *waves* At that time I asked when you would be coming to California. You mentioned Dragon*con. I recently learned that you may be coming to Atlanta? Please say yes! I have already bought tickets and booked airfare. The least I could do was meet you halfway.
Craig: Hi Lady, nice to see you again! I will see you there at dragoncon.

Ashley: This is Ashley from the USA and I was wondering a couple of things regarding your experiences on the set of “The Lord of the Rings”. I have a couple questions. The first question is what was filming like, emotionally and physically and how did you gear up for your death scene? My second question is what was your favorite part of your wardrobe for the movie? My last two questions are, do you have any near future plans for any more films? And, in the scene where Aragorn hugs your character at Helm’s Deep, was that rehearsed because your expression was priceless. How did that whole thing come about? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! Thank you, Ashley
Craig: Hey Ashley, It was wonderful doing all the helms deep stuff, when you were there it was so real that very little pretending needed. Favourite costume is definitely the armour though it was hell to wear. The great thing about working with viggo is that you played a lot and interesting moments happened.

Bear: Hi Craig! Are there any books that you’ve read recently or are currently reading that you’re enjoying and would like to recommend? How about CDs?
Craig: Just finished what I loved by siri someone. It was beautiful Cd’s – just listened to bic runga. brilliant

Frodo: Have you read lord of the rings ? and if you have at what point did you read it?
Craig:Yes Frodo, when I was 3. Actually, it was more like 23!

Lady: But it’s always good for a laughter, don’t you think? I have two more questions, I will post them at once as this will be easier I guess … You’ve been born on Fiji. Have you ever thought about going back to live there? Why/Why not? And the second one: Do you have any things in common with your Character Alistair Kingsley from Mercy Peak? /br>Craig: I love Figi, I plan to build a house there, but there are lots of other places to live as well. as to m.peak… alistair and I both love Sarah Wiseman.

Lothenon: Hi Craig, this is Florian, greetings from Germany! there are two things I’d very much like to ask: 1.) Do you know the name of the stunt guy who played the orc that killed Haldir? and 2.) Have you seen the RotK Extended Edition yet? Thanks Hi Loth,
Craig: yes, it was sala Baker> No, I haven’t yet, can’t wait!

crazyslashchick: Hi Craig! I’m Amanda from the UK and I only have two questions for you… For now. 1) Has there been any one actor you have learnt alot from or enjoyed working with the most? 2) You don’t really see alot of actors from New Zealand in Big Hollywood films. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks Craig!
Craig: Yes, I learn something from everyone even the ones you don’t like! Yes, a number of friends are doing really well and I’m thrilled for them. Go NZ!!

Forest: Hey Craig It’s great to see you here. I have a couple of questions but here’s the first. I have attached a picture of some elves that are in your death scene in The Two Towers and I was wondering if they were supposed to be Rumil and Orophin – Haldir’s brothers. Thanks, ~Forest
Craig: quite possibly I was too busy dying to notice!

Laura: Hi Craig!! It’s really great to have you here. I was wondering, did you get to keep something from LotR?? (Like Elijah got the Ring) THX!! Laura
Craig: yeah, I got to take a warg home! It keeps the burlgars away and is great at playing fetch

samwise gamgee: hey craig! erm…my random question….wheres the best place youve visited on your travels.
Craig: Here at Festival Towers! No, seriously, I love Paris in the spring time.

Shayney: Hey Craig, Belgium here 😉 I was wondering how you manage to balance your work with your private life. It must be hectic, flying from one country to the other and doing shoots in between as well. But you always seem to have smile on your face. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s great, I just don’t think I could do that. The occasional peace and quiet are a must for me, as they no doubt are for a lot of people. Love, Shayney.
Craig: I adore travelling, and I have friends all over the place so it’s the perfect way to mix business and pleasure!

welsh_branwen: Hi Craig I just wanted to ask what you miss most about New Zealand when you’re over here adn what you miss about the UK when you’re in NZ? Jo BTW Lisa would have loved to be here but she’s having dinner with a load of senile golfers instead – she said to say hi
Craig: I don’t really miss it, I spend a lot of time in London and there so it never feels that I am missing out. Say hi to Lisa for me. Golf is dum.

ginny: in what kind of film would you like to take part in now? Have you ever been thinking about producing your own films? Craig, you rule !
Craig: producing is like hard work! i much prefer dressing up and playing.

Ridlah: Sian here(From Welsh Wales!),complete with Daniel fresh from the dungeon,how are you??. we would like to ask(Well mostly me!!),If you were offered a leading roll in a classic film re-make,What would the film be?,and who would your leading lady be??(Apart from me of course!!). Dan says Hi,and did you get his letter?. Sian xx(Ridlah)It’s Haldir backwards!!
Craig: Darling, the puppy is well and I’m glad you’ve let Daniel out! The film is from here to eternity and It could only be you! As you long as you don’t bring any of that crappy lava bread!

tinkerbell9: Hi I met you at the Elf Fantasy Fair: wheelchair and brother on Friday night. If you remember this you have a good memory. Thanks for your part in the great time that I had but please no catheder jokes anymore They aren’t my favorite topic. Question: do you have any experience with horses other then on Xena?
Craig: Hi Tinkerbell, great to see you again! Horses are evil things, keep away from them!

crazyslashchick: Hi Craig! What type of roles do you prefer… The Fantasy Type roles or the roles more like real life?
Craig: I prefer real life generally, but nothing wrong with a good bit of fantasy!

Laura: Hi Craig!! You spoke some Dutch words at the EFF in the Netherlands. Are there any more lines you know in Dutch??? Laura PS: keep up the wonderful work!!
Craig: Thanks Laura, unfortunately, it all stops after I order my first beer!

cheekyelf: hi craig if u did not play haldir what other part would u play. all the best love tracy
Craig: definitely Shadowfax, Tracy.

The_Nameless_Stunt-Double_Elf: First question. Is there ever a time that you wished for more privacy? Even though you didn’t get much screen time in the first two movies and ended up dying in the second, I’m sure you’ve gotten a large amount of publicity and admirers. After all, you are good looking if I may be so bold to say. How did you feel when your character, Haldir, was killed in the movie? Supposedly, he was never at Helms Deep but thanks to Peter Jackson and the marvels of drama, you were placed there never the less. Was it also hard to get out of character, especially after the death scene? I’ve realized that sometimes one can get lost into the person that they play and being a friend to someone who has an upcoming movie in the next year or so, IÕve heard that itÕs quite difficult and can be nerve wracking. Lastly, and just for kicks since it relates to my name, did you ever have any stunt doubles during your time as an actor?
Craig: hey NSDE, no, I have always found privacy when I need it. Yep, the elves never arrrived at helms deep in the book but I’m glad that peter altered it slightly so I got to play with swords.

Ymina: Another question for Craig if I may……….. I’ve seen in magazines and on the web, that you ski……..Where is your favourite place to ski and have you ever thought about skiing here in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Washington, Alaska, Oregon? If you get a chance you should! Btw this is Ymina, the doctor………
Craig: Yes you may, my favourite place so far has been Austria but I have never skiied the Americas. Next winter maybe?

Nimfea: Hullo Craig, it’s very nice to finally be able to meet you (though not exactly in person ) ! I was wondering how you felt about Haldir’s death in TTT. Did you feel that it was completely necessary to the plot of the film? Did you feel jipped that your character got killed off when he really wasn’t supposed to be at Helm’s Deep in the first place? Even though it wasn’t in the book, I felt that it was a deeply moving scene. Even though it added emotion to what otherwise would’ve just been an action scene, I definitely would’ve preferred if you would have lived. I’m also curious as to whether you’ve ever seen http://www.cafeshops.com/haldirlives , or seen one of those shirts in person. It must be really funny for you. Thanks for your time!
Craig: Lovely to meet you too. No, I loved the deathscene, it’s every actor’s dream.

crazyslashchick: Hi Craig, I was just wondering what sort of music you like to listen to? Who are your favorite performers?
Craig: Bowie is a god, Radiohead and REM, U2, Bic Runga.

hiChelleHottie: hey Craig, I had to sneak out of work for a few minutes to pop in and say HELLO! *waves* and give a *HUG* I’ll be going to DragonCon so I’ll get to see you then:-) My question to you is: What do you like the most about travelling? the least? Thanks and see you soon in Atlanta! *HUGS* Chelle
Craig: hi chelle, see you there… i love the places you end up in but sometimes hate the actual getting there.

jagette227: Hi Craig, greetings from Florida! just have a couple of questions to ask you. 1. In all your travels, what is the most awe inspiring place you have ever visited? 2. Would you ever consider doing another musical style work like ÒRocky Horror Picture ShowÓ?
Craig: hi jagette hard question… i don’t really know… as to musicals… i sing like a dog… who knows.

anny: ooh actually craig, i do have a teeny tiny question. when i met you at london expo i asked you about your fave songs, you said rem were good and there was one particular song of theirs you liked to blast out, but on my life i cannot remember what it was you had said? sorry. what was it? *kisses and huggles*
Craig: everybody hurts is wonderful but i blast blame when i need the cobwebs blown away.

Hiraeth: Craig, hi from London! I wondered if you got presented with a prop at the end of filming and what was it? Look forward to meeting you.
Craig: hi hiraeth, i have some mouldy ears in my draw in nz… sadly my sword is travelling the world… i miss it.

shamran: Hello Craig! First of all: Denmark is a great country…go there! I so want to meet you, but never get chance because of all sorts of unlucky things. You did sign a photo for me at the Elf Fair in Holland (my English friend got it for me and brought it to Denmark) and I thank you so much for that. My questions: 1) Being a part of LotR has been loads of fun (or so you guys keep telling us). Was there anyone who at times really pissed you off? 2) Hasn’t the fact that it’s your friends and you yourself on the screen ruined the movies for you? I mean isn’t it hard to see it as the characthers journey instead of the actors’s journey? Do you find yourself thinking on the things behind the camera instead of the things happening on the screen when you see special scenes? I so adore you (in a none stalker way) Love Sacha from Denmark
Craig: hi sacha, as to your first question…i could never tell… to your second… it does make it a little odd but the films are great and i find myself forgetting.

shadowfax: Hi Craig. Do you have pets or are you thinking of getting one? Are you more like a cat person or a dog person?
Craig: cat person, shadowfax

fellowship09: Hi Craig, here is Evelyn from Austria. First of all thanks for being always so lovely (at the RingCon, Collectormania, Elf Fantasy fair) and I’m really looking forward to meet you again at the FF. Here are my questions: What’s the last movie you have seen? Do you have plans for an official homepage? Thanks Evelyn P.s. How is your octopus scar doing?
Craig: Thank you Evelyn, lovely to see you. Octpus scar doing well thanks. Last film and hated was I, Robot, Rubbish. No plans for an offical homepage, here is good enough!

TricksyHobbit: Hi Craig, I hope you are enjoying the live chat so far. I’d just like to say on behalf of everyone, thank you for giving us your time here today and we’re looking forward to meeting you in person at the Festival in 2 weeks!!! YOu’ve “done” quite a few festivals/ conventions like this now, are you fed up with them yet? Do you get nervous about meeting the general public/strangers etc or do you just put on a “meet the public and be nice to them” act after a while? Rosie x
Craig: Am really enjoying Rosie, thanks for asking. I do get nervous beforehand, but once they get going, it’s all good fun. I have a great time and love meeting people.

Kristin: I love all quetsions, I love to talk! Great! I’ll go ahead and ask two more then.. 1. Except for Lord of the Rings, what have you enjoyed most in you professional life? 2. Would you ever consider coming to a convention in Nothern Europe, say.. Sweden? We have a Sci Fi-convention twice a year, and some of the guests have included your fellow LotR-actors Billy Boyd, John Rhys Davies, Andy Serkis and Sala Baker. Would be great to have you as guest too.. but if not.. hey, at least I’ll see you at tFF! Take care! //Kristin
Craig: hi kristin So far I’ve enjoyed Mercy Peak the most, great cast and crew. Have never been to Sweden hopefully soon.

Wyvern: Hi Craig! I was wondering how doing voice over work on something like “Power Rangers” differed from doing voice over work on “Lord of the Rings”, and how much you get to go on when you’re developing how a character will sound. Looking forward to seeing you again at the Festival – this time I may even be sober!
Craig: I don’t want to speak ill of it but LOTR was slightly cooler than power rangers, let’s leave it at that!

Moonbeamswift: Trying to keep this as un fan-girlish as possible, and containing useage of excessive exclamation marks… Just curious: Were you as pissed off as everyone else was about being killed off? That is all… (seriously, if I had no self control I’d be having some nervy spasm right now…) ~Moony (_!_) xxxx
Craig: I love it, it’s always good to get a bit of practice before the real thing.

Talasi: Craig, How often do they have the comedy debates? Those are so great!!! Talasi
Craig: Did one recently and it wasn’t so great, got into terrieble trouble for picking on someone but I wasn’t alone.

Craig: Thank you so much guys, sorry for being so brief and taking so long, really looking forward to seeing you at The Fellowship Festival, it’s going to be an amazing gig. If i haven’t answered your questions, we are having a few problems replying to them all, technology huh? Thanks again, it wasn’t as scary as I thought and you guys were great. lots of love C XXXX