Glide Time, Misc.

June 12, 2006, source: NZ Herald

Roger Hall’s comedy Glide Time celebrates its 30th anniversary care of Silo Theatre at the Maidment (also turning 30) from Wednesday. Hall’s first major hit went on to become the TV series Gliding On. Theresa Healey, Craig Parker, Simon Prast and more star in the story of a group of public servants who hate their jobs. Alas, Hall didn’t sue Ricky Gervais over The Office.

Tim Balme will take over from Parker when he heads back to London near the end of the show. Oliver Driver directs. Wear beige.
FAMOUS FACE: Oliver Driver is living out west and about to embark on his biggest theatrical challenge yet.

New role for Oliver Driver
14 June 2006, source:

Actor, director, presenter and head of Auckland Theatre Company – Oliver Driver has done it all, and his latest project is one of his most ambitious.

The Oratia resident is bringing Roger Hall’s classic 1970s play, Glide Time, to life again for its 30th anniversary production.

Glide Time is a satirical comedy about a group of workers in a New Zealand public service department.

It features some of the country’s best known actors like Theresa Healey, Simon Prast, Greg Johnson, Craig Parker and Tim Balme.

” Good writing is what makes something a classic, and Glide Time is an example of great writing,” Oliver says.

” It predates shows like The Office by decades, and still resonates as much today as it did then.”

Oliver’s own acting background helps him as a director.

” I know how hard acting is – and it is incredibly hard especially in the theatre where you are pushed a lot.

” The best compliment for me is if people see the play and talk about the acting or the lighting and don’t even mention the directing.”

Oliver’s CV includes a stint on Shortland Street and The Strip, as well as roles in films like Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, Snakeskin, and Toy Love.
He’s spent the past two years presenting the television arts show Front Seat.

The former Ponsonby resident made a lifestyle change last December when he bought a house in Oratia.

” I am very proud to be in west Auckland, it’s a true community out there, that’s what I love about it,” he says.