Interview with Craig at RingCon

Interview with Craig at RingCon

November 29, 2002, source: SF-Radio

Interview with Craig at RingCon

Note: This is a transcript of an online radio interview from German station SF-Radio. The interview was dubbed and the original voices are very hard to understand, therefore these may not be Craig’s exact words.

Interviewer: Craig Parker – welcome to Germany, nice to talk to you.

Craig: Dankeschön.

Interviewer: You were born in Fiji. How can I image a place that is called Fiji?

Craig: You’ve never been there? It is beautiful, in the middle of the Pacific. It’s like in paradise, like a tropical paradise. The best place I’ve ever experienced.

Interviewer: In the Extended Edition DVD, Haldir has more scenes than in the theatrical version. Were you mad that they cut out alot in the first version?

Craig: No, not mad or sad because I understand why, and they did tell me in advance. It was a little disappointing but it is such a long movie, they had five to six hours of footage at the end and so it had to be cut because you can’t hold off that long! Three hours is quite long enough for a film.

Interviewer: Will we see you in the second and third movie?

Craig: In the second, not in the third. Something happens that doesn’t make it possible for me to be in the third film. But that’s a secret, I cannot speak about that. There’s an axe and an Uruk-Hai…

Interviewer: Ok, we don’t know what you mean by that… Is there maybe a question that you always wanted to be asked and that I can ask you now?

Craig: Ummm… If I want another drink? That’s my favourite question.

Interviewer: Ok – Do you want another drink?

Craig: Dankeschön!

Interviewer: Do you believe that Lord of the Rings could become reality someday?

Craig: Like elves and hobbits…? You know, I think the idea is that it all happened in the past and we have progressed since then…

Interviewer: I just made that up. I’m sorry.

Craig: Do you believe that?

Interviewer: Yeah, sure, I believe that we will all live in peace and harmony in a hundred years. But what I wanted to ask you – what are your future projects?

Craig: I will continue to do the Rocky Horror Picture Show until February, and then I’ll be on a TV series called Mercy Peak which shoots until September next year. And after that… I’m sort of booked out until then.

Interviewer: I’ll give you a few words now and you tell me what comes into your mind real quick, ok? Doing the dishes.

Craig: I love that! I don’t have a dish washer, I always do that by hand.

Interviewer: Government.

Craig: As long as it isn’t the American one, I’m happy.

Interviewer: Water.

Craig: I love it, that’s my favourite drink.

Interviewer: Lord of the Rings.

Craig: A very unusual and strange experience.

Interviewer: Spending money.

Craig: Love that even more!

Interviewer: Fans.

Craig: My first experience here and very bizarre and wonderful.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you very much!