New Zealand’s most iconic comedy returns to the stage to celebrate its 30th anniversary

New Zealand’s most iconic comedy returns to the stage to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
May 23, 2006, source:
Written by Roger Hall in 1976, Glide Time is a satirical look at the lives of a group of people who work in a government office.

It was never clear what department Hall’s disgruntled group of public servants worked for, but it was clear no-one liked their job, or each other.

So popular was the play it gave rise to its own television series, eighties hit sitcom Gliding On, which was an early kiwi version of Ricky Gervais’ hit UK comedy The Office. Think overflowing in-trays, ringing phones, inane office babble and endless cups of tea …

What Hall proved with Glide Time was not just the banality and hilarity of everyday office life, but also that New Zealanders have the ability to laugh at themselves.
And laugh you will when you’re reminded of the tight brown flares, the plaid skirts and fitted woolen sweaters worn in the hey-day of drool eighties office life.

Perhaps the highlight of this show though is the casting. Sharing the shame and laughter of the eighties bureaucratic mood are some of the country’s most revered actors including Simon Prast (of Gloss-fame), Theresa Healey (Shortland Street, Dancing With The Stars), Colin Moy (In My Father’s Den), Stuart Devenie (End of the Golden Weather), Craig Parker (Lord of the Rings, Shortland Street), David Van Horn (Sione’s Wedding), and Greg Johnson (Middle Aged Spread).

Directed by Oliver Driver, the Silo’s production of Glide Time will be performed at Auckland’s Maidment Theatre from Wednesday, 14 June to Saturday, 1 July 2006.