Tim Balme to Craig Parker in Glide Time Revival

Tim Balme to Craig Parker in Glide Time Revival

June 26, 2006, source: scoop.co.nz
Press Release: Silo Theatre

Tim Balme replaces Craig Parker in Silo Theatre’s critically acclaimed revival of Roger Hall’s GLIDE TIME

Just one week and a few seats remain to celebrate – or should that be commiserate – 1970s New Zealand at the Maidment Theatre, and one star is set to replace another in the final few shows.

Roger Hall’s classic 1970s play GLIDE TIME has been revived in glorious beige in a triumphant 30th Anniversary production that has critics declaring it “a delicious retrospective” (Theatreview.org) and “a fitting tribute to one of New Zealand theatre’s finest moments” (NZ Herald).

Oliver Driver’s direction has been praised as assured and wonderfully layered (Sunday Star-Times), having “cast each role perfectly”. Set designer John Verryt has been lavished with attention for his towering set of vintage 1970s filing cabinets, as has Rachel Walker for her “beautifully beige costumes”.

But it is the strong cast who have received most of the notices: Theresa Healey, Craig Parker, Simon Prast, Stuart Devenie, Greg Johnson, Colin Moy and David Van Horn are all praised for their “vitality, humour and mischievous charm” without forgetting the undertone of tragedy beneath their mundane rituals and everyday office relationships.

While the cast play employees thrust together in a government department who don’t much like each other, the actors have very much enjoyed their weeks together on Glide Time. So it’s with some sadness that Craig Parker (who plays office tokenist John, “a role relished by Parker”) departs before season’s end to fulfil a commitment to his Lord of the Rings fans in Toronto.

Stepping into the breach is Tim Balme. The star of film and television – including Braindead Interrogation, Mercy Peak, Shortland Street and Maddigan’s Quest – will bring his formidable skills to the role of John, whose most triumphant moment involves an unusual interpretation of that grave office danger: the paper-cut. Balme has been writing on the next series of Outrageous Fortune and has recently returned from a two-week intensive workshop with playwright Edward Albee and voice coach Kristin Linklater.

GLIDE TIME. A slice of social history. The comedy event of 2006. Only until 1st July.