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We’re Back! is back! Thanks to Skybly, the site has been reinstalled. I spent a couple hours this morning checking for and fixing broken links and missing photos. Everything should be working correctly, but please let me know if you see something I’ve missed. The next step will be to start adding content to the new Facebook page. Thanks for bearing with us during this time!


For the person I met in the elevator at the Gathering of the Fellowship… I had made four new puzzles on the puzzles page. The new ones are at the top.

SF-Radio Article in English & New Photos

I have added the original English version of the SF-Radio article that was later translated into German for the article on their site. Thank you to Marcus at SF-Radio for sending it to me and giving me permission to post it here.
There are 3 new photos in the Berlin ROTK Premiere Gallery from Ingo.
LOTS of new photos in the Gathering of the Fellowship Gallery. 16 from cpquin, 2 from Deena, 2 from Heather, 3 from Rachie, and 17 from Skybly.
There are 10 photos from the London Expo Gallery from Sian.
There are 6 photos from Ruth in the Memorabilia Con Gallery.

Finally some updates!

There are new photos in the Ring*Con 2003 gallery and RingCon Tacoma gallery, new galleries have been made for Memorabilia Con and Gathering of the Fellowship. Thanks to Betsey, Steff, Sian and Silver. There will be quite a bit more in the next couple of days.
Thanks to everyone that took the time to e-mail me about the guestbook. I’ve got too many messages to respond to each one at this point, but know that I read each and every one and appreciate them very much.

Fake Craig

Just to let everyone know, the e-mail address of the person claiming to be Craig is Please delete all messages from this person as it is NOT the real Craig Parker.