November 12 in history

On this day in history
324 BC Origin of Era of Alexander
295 Origin of Era of Ascension
607 Boniface III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1775 General Washington forbids recruiting officers enlisting blacks
1859 Jules Leotard performs 1st Flying Trapeze circus act (Paris). He also designed the garment that bears his name
1910 1st Movie stunt: man jumps into Hudson river from a burning balloon
1915 Britain annexes Gilbert & Ellice Islands
1918 Emperor Karl of Austria-Hungary abdicates, Austria becomes a republic
1919 Ross & Smith start a 1 month flight from London to Australia
1921 Washington Conference for Limitation of Armaments
1927 Trotsky expelled from Soviet CP; Stalin becomes undisputed dictator
1928 British steamer “Vestris” capsizes & sinks off Virginia, kills 110
1931 NHL’s Maple Leaf Gardens opens in Toronto, Leafs beat Black Hawks 2-1
1933 1st known photo of Loch Ness monster is taken
1933 1st Sunday football game in Philadelphia (previously illegal)
1933 Nazis receive 92% of vote in Germany
1936 1st TV Gardening show
1936 Oakland Bay Bridge opens
1938 Hermann Goering announces he wants Madagascar as a Jewish homeland
1939 Jews of Lodz Poland are ordered to wear yellow armbands
1940 Blizzard strikes US midwest, 154 die (69 on boat on Great Lakes)
1941 Germany’s drive to take Moscow halted
1944 German battleship “Tirpitz” sunk off Norway
1946 1st drive-up bank window established (Chicago)
1946 Walt Disney’s “Song Of The South” released
1948 Japanese premier Hideki Tojo sentenced to death by war crimes tribunal
1951 17 die in a train crash in Woodstock AL
1953 US district Judge Grim, rules NFL can black out TV home games
1954 Ellis Island, immigration station in US NY Harbor, closed
1955 Date returned to in “Back to the Future” & “Back to the Future II”
1956 Largest observed iceberg, 208 by 60 miles, 1st sighted
1960 Mercury-Redstone 1 test launch fails at 10 cm altitude
1964 Paula Murphy sets female land speed record 226.37 MPH
1965 Venera 2 launched by Soviet Union toward Venus
1966 High schooler Robert Smith kills 7 for fame
1975 Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas retired after 36 years
1977 New Orleans elects 1st black mayor, Ernest (Dutch) Morial
1979 US halts Iranian oil imports & freezes Iranian assets
1980 NYC Mayor Ed Koch admits to trying marijuana
1980 US space probe Voyager I approaches 77,000-mi (124,000 km) of Saturn
1981 1st balloon crossing of the Pacific is completed (Double Eagle V)
1981 2nd shuttle mission-1st time spacecraft launched twice (Columbia 2)
1982 Yuri V Andropov succeeds Leonid Brezhnev as Soviet leader
1983 4 die in a train crash in Marshall Texas
1984 Paul McCartney releases “We All Stand Together”
1984 Space shuttle astronauts snared a satellite 1st space salvage
1985 STS 61-B vehicle moves to the launch pad
1988 Japan beats MLB All-Star team 5-4 in Tokyo (Game 6 of 7)
1989 Brazil holds 1st free presidential election in 29 years
1991 “Full House” 100th episode – The twins are born
Austria Republic Day (1918)
Bermuda Rememberance Day
Saudi Arabia Coronation Day
Taiwan Sun Yat Sen’s Birthday (1866)
Women’s Organizations Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day (1815)
Germany Repentance Day (Wednesday)
England Lord Mayor’s Day (Saturday)
Religious Observances
Old RC Commemoration of Martin I, pope (649-55)
RC Memorial of St Josaphat Kuncevyc, bishop/martyr
Ang Commemoration of Charles Simeon, priest
Religious History
1556 Dutch Anabaptist reformer Menno Simons wrote in a letter: ‘I can neither teach nor live by the faith of others. I must live by my own faith as the Spirit of the Lord has taught me through His Word.’
1701 The Carolina Assembly passed a Vestry Act making the Church of England the official religion of the Carolina Colony. (Strong opposition by Quakers and other resident Nonconformists forced the colony’s proprietors to revoke their legislation two years later.)
1818 Birth of Henri F. Hemy, English church organist. Of his several original compositions, best known is the tune ST. CATHERINE, to which we commonly sing the hymn, “Faith of Our Fathers.”
1899 American evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody, 62, began his last evangelistic campaign in Kansas City, Missouri. Becoming ill during the last service, Moody was unable to complete his message, and died a few days later, on Dec 22.
1954 American Presbyterian missionary Francis Schaeffer wrote in a letter: ‘Loyalty to organizations and movements has always tended over time to take the place of loyalty to the person of Christ.’
Birthdates which occurred on the date of November 12
1651 Juana Ines de La Cruz Mexico, poet/nun/feminist (Primer Sueno)
1790 Letitia Christian Tyler 1st wife of US President Tyler
1815 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Johnstown NY, suffragist (80 Years & More)
1817 Bahá’u’lláh (Mirza Husayn Ali) founded Bahá’ís faith
1833 Aleksandr Borodin Russia, composer (Robert LeDiable)
1840 Auguste Rodin France, sculptor (Kiss, Thinker)
1841 Lord Rayleigh England, physicist/chancellor of Cambridge (1908-14)
1866 Sun Yat-sen father of modern China (ROC & PRC) (traditional)
1889 DeWitt Wallace St Paul MN, publisher, founded Readers Digest (1921)
19– Dick Clair San Francisco CA, comedian “Clair & McMahon” (The Funny Side)
19– Mary Louise Wilson New Haven CT, actress (Ginny-1 Day at a Time)
19– Megan Mullally Los Angeles CA, actress (Molly-Ellen Burstyn Show)
19– Richard Venture West New York NY, (Capt Leo Altobelli-Street Hawk)
1903 Jack Oakie Sedalia MO, actor (Great Dictator, 1974 Photoplay Award)
1908 Harry A Blackmun Illinois, Supreme Court justice (1970- )
1912 Alphonse [Tuffy] Leemans NFL fullback (NY Giants)
1914 Roberto Cavanagh Argentina, polo (Olympic-gold-1936)
1914 Sylvi Saimo Finland, 500m kayak (Olympic-gold-1952)
1915 Roland Barthes French literary critic (L’Empire des Signer)
1918 Jo Stafford Coalinga CA, singer (I’ll Never Smile Again)
1920 Richard Quine Detroit, actor (Clay Pigeon)
1922 Kim Hunter Detroit MI, actress (Planet of the Apes, Lilith)
1929 Grace Kelly Phil, Monaco princess/actress (Philadelphia Story, Rear Window)
1934 Ann Flood Jamaica NY, actress (As the World Turns, Edge of Night)
1934 Charles Manson [No Name Maddox], Cincinnati OH, criminal (Tate-Labianco)
1935 Jerry Douglas actor (John-Young & Restless)
1937 Ina Balin actress (Danger in Paradise)
1937 Richard H Truly Fayette Miss, Rear Adm USN/astro (STS T-2, T-4, 2, 8)
1939 Lucia Popp Uhorsk Ves Czechoslovakia, soprano (Die Zauberflute)
1943 Brian Hyland Queens NY, rocker (She Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini)
1945 Neil Young Canada, singer/songwriter (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
1961 Nadia Comaneci Onesti Romania, gymnast (Oly-gold-1976, 80) (or 11/12)
1967 Charlie Pennaelino Queens NY, rocker (Linear-I Never Felt This Way)
1970 Craig Parker, actor (Lord of the Rings)
1975 Angela Watson actress (Karen Foster-Step by Step)
1989 Paul Jessup actor (Mikie-Baby Talk)
Deaths which occured on November 12
1035 Canute “The Great” King of the Danes (1016-1035), dies at 41
1558 Rabbi Shalom Shakna ben Joseph founder of 1st Polish Yeshiva, dies
1962 Sid Tomack actor (Jim Gillis-Life of Riley, My Friend Irma)
1975 Anthony Ross TV host (Telltale Clue), dies at 69
1987 Roger Lewis aviation exec (Lockheed, C Wright, Pan Am), dies at 75
1990 Eve Arden actress (Our Miss Brooks), dies at 82