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Site Info

This is an unofficial fansite and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Craig Parker in any way. The first version of this website was called The Kingdom of Craig and went online the 31st of July 2002. Since the 23rd of December 2002, it resides on

Due to the hundreds of spam messages I was receiving in my e-mail every week, I have removed contact information from this site. If you wish to contact the webmistress, you will need to comment on one of the news posts, which requires that you provide – and confirm – a valid e-mail address. You can also feel free to message me at the facebook page.

Craig does NOT have an e-mail address for fan mail. If you want to write to him, use the following address:

Craig Parker
c/o Karen Kay Management
PO Box 446
Auckland 1

There are no guarantees that Craig will be able to respond to all of his fanmail, but you MUST include a self-addressed envelope with an international reply coupon for return postage. See your local post office for information on how to get one. You need to either send in your own photo or item to get signed or include a few dollars to cover the cost of them providing one for you.

I ask that you please DO NOT take photos or content from my site. If you want to use photos for your own site, please ask for permission first, as many of the photos here have copyrights on them. Also, please do not link my photos to your blog, message board posts or websites. This takes up bandwidth that I have to pay for. Feel free to post the URL for others to come visit the site.

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Special Thanks

  • Above all, thanks to Skybly for being my technical wizard.
  • Thanks to Criz for her wonderful illustration. Please visit her website!
Bear with Craig at TOR.n Party 2003