The Pillowman


23 August – 15 September 2007

Directed by Colin McColl

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“Craig Parker is particularly impressive in the role of the writer Katurian. By showing tenderness towards his retarded brother and an unswerving belief in the value of his writing Parker somehow elicits sympathy for what should be a thoroughly odious character.

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In an unspecified (but eerily familiar) totalitarian state, writer Katurian entertains his younger brother with shocking fairy tales. But when grisly murders that mirror these tales slice through the town, two sardonic secret policemen come knocking.

“Real life is not as black and white, good and bad as it is in fairytales. As the story unfolds the audience is taken on a frightening and yet wildly funny journey into the worlds of storytelling.

Evoking the Brothers Grimm in an astonishing blend of horror and comedy, The Pillowman won the 2005 Olivier Award for Best New Play and has mesmerised audiences in London and New York.

Every now and then you encounter something you know you will never forget as long as you live…”

– The Daily Mirror

Glide Time

June 2006

Directed by Colin McColl

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“Craig Parker is returning from London for the production, and he will be joined by some of the finest actors in New Zealand including Theresa Healey, Simon Prast, Greg Johnson, David Van Horn, Colin Moy and Stuart Devenie. Tim Balme will also join the cast for the last few performances, when Parker has to return to his off-shore Lord of the Rings fan duties.”



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Serial Killers

29 October – 26 November 2005 as Matt

by James Griffin

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“The soap in question, the inner one, is Heart of Hearts, a turgid example of that genre set in St Celia’s Hospital – we get to see nine wonderfully funny snatches of it on a giant video screen in which the main actors double as the screen stereotypes. Craig Parker is particularly adept at this. He’s completely convincing as nerdy-looking writer Matt and uproariously so as the OTT ham playing an improbably hunky character on screen.”

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2002, as Narrator
Directed by Simon Prast “Craig Parker as the narrator (a role he will alternate with Oliver Driver) is Matrix-suave, a wry seen-it-all-before commentator who picks his way through the action with elegant ease.”

From the NZ Herald, November 18 2002

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Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

2001, as Rosencrantz
Directed by Colin McColl

“Oliver Driver’s height and lugubrious disposition as Guildenstern stand in hilarious counterpoint to Craig Parker’s sparky but insecure and rather small Rosencrantz.”
From the NZ Herald, April 30 2001

“Oliver Driver stood out again and again, but nowhere more decisively than as Guildenstern against Craig Parker’s diminutive Rosencrantz in Tom Stoppard’s highly regarded Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by the ATC.”
From the NZ Herald, December 17 2001

The Judas Kiss

2000, as Robert Ross

“Acting honours go to Craig Parker in his portrayal of Robert Ross, whose devotion to Wilde never faltered. He play a dull man with integrity and grace.”

From the NZ Herald, Oct 9 2000

Amy’s View

1999, as Dominic
Directed by Cathy Downes

“Ilona Rodgers is a brave and believable Esme, conquering the welter of lines, and by far the greatest dramatic burden of the night, without falter. Sara Wiseman makes her professional stage debut, as Amy Thomas, earnestly and honestly. Craig Parker is super cool, Dorothy McKegg wonderfully confused and William Plumb cute and cheeky.”

From the NZ Herald, Apr 26 1999

Wind in the Willows

1998 – 1999, as Mole
Directed by Raymond Hawthorne


1997, as Valentine

Directed by Simon Phillips



1987 – 1997


In October 1999, Craig participated in Allstars Theatresports.

The Seagull

1994, as Konstantine
Directed by Colin McColl


1992, as Hugh
Directed by J Kingsford Brown


1991, as Malcolm
Directed by Micheal Hurst