A Twist In The Tale: A Crack In Time

A Twist In The Tale

Craig plays Larry Sharpe in the episode “A Crack In Time”
First aired February 13th, 1999

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“This unique anthology series stars William Shatner (best known and loved for his legendary portrayal as Captain Kirk in the immortal series and motion picture franchise, Star Trek). William Shatner is the enigmatic ‘Storyteller’ and takes the audience on a magical journey into their imaginartion

Unprecedented in its story approach, William Shatner’s A Twist in the Tale has its roots loosely inspired and pays homage to classic television products such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Twilight Zone – each episode is self-contained and all stories are linked together by the narrative (as well as involvement) of the Storyteller character.

Set in the past, present and future, the series is designed to challenge, stimulate, entertain – and surprise – both adults and children

Along with action and adventure there is magic and ‘ghosts’ but the series is in no way horror-driven or supernatural – there are themes of romance, mischief, humour, family relationships and drama – there is much edge-of-seat spine-tingling tension as well as comedy along the way.

The major underlying theme is that each tale has an unexpected ‘twist’, and children, along with adolescents and grown-ups, will be left with the impression ‘that things are never quite what they seem’

Filmed on location throughout photogenic New Zealand, the series has a diverse range of scenes and stories with great production values – from 19th Century England to a sci-fi future, from 1950s America to 18th Century America, and more.”

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Craig plays Larry Sharpe, a conniving accountant who tries to ruin a family’s dairy farm, and kidnaps a young girl from the future to get access to her handheld supercomputer.