Intrepid Journeys

Intrepid Journeys

April 2003, aired on TVOne, New Zealand


In 2003 Craig went to Nepal to film his travel experiences for the New Zealand show, Intrepid Journeys.

From NZoom:
There were two pieces of advice Craig Parker was given as he prepared to tackle trekking and white water rafting in Nepal – do not drink the water and switch off your Western mind.
Parker’s warts-and-all trip to Nepal provided the Mercy Peak star with the kind of challenge that even the toughest acting gig would struggle to match. Sir Edmund Hillary’s mountain climbing crown may not be under threat, but Parker gamely dons trekking boots and a backpack to clamber to the height of Mount Cook.
“It was so much harder than I though it would be,” he says. “I think we were all surprised by how tough that was.”

Read Craig’s diary of his experiences in Nepal.