Mercy Peak

Mercy Peak

Craig Parker – Alistair Kingsley

Alistair is the only child of William and Marilyn Kingsley and is the apple of their eye. To his father’s disappointment, Alistair isn’t a natural leader, nor the kind of guy to knock them dead on the sports field.

It was preordained that Alistair would be a doctor and, being the sort of person who doesn’t upset apple carts, to medical school he duly went. But he balked when he was supposed to return to join the family practice.

Instead he pursued his real interests and was doing research in Germany when duty finally caught up with him. His mother died and Alistair came home to find his father an embattled man struggling with grief, trying to do his best for his home town and being pilloried for it.

Alistair couldn’t leave his father alone and felt this was the chance to forge a new adult relationship of respect with his father. But this still hasn’t happened.

Alistair feels as if he’s been catapulted into some kind of perpetual adolescence, where he has to smoke dope at the bottom of the garden and can never really talk to his father. That’s why working with Nicky is such a relief. He can be more like himself.


Mercy Peak has come to an end after six successful seasons.