Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Voice of “Blue Face” in “Prelude to a Storm.”

Synopsis: Three young extreme sports fans, Tori, Shane, and Dustin, are late for a class, a class that is cloaked in secrecy, for these three freinds are also students at a Ninja Academy where the future protectors of the Earth are trained. The three freinds have not been dedicating themselves to the art though, and are berated by thier Sensei, who aarns that further delyays on thier part will result in expulsion.
But when thier Ninja School is attacked by the forces of the evil Lothor, the Sensei transformed into a guinea pig, and thier fellow students abducted, the three freinds must rely on thier Ninja skills like never before.



Voice of Mad Magnet in “There’s No “I” in Team”

Synopsis: Shane learns a valuable lesson in teamwork. Kapri and Marah are forced to work together as a team.





Voice of Motodrone in “Brothers In Arms,” “Shimazu Returns, Part I,” “Shimazu Returns, Part I,” “The Wild Wipeout,” “Double-Edged Blake,” “Eye Of The Storm,” “A Gem Of A Day,” “Storm Before The Calm, Part II”

Synopsis for “Brothers In Arms:” A brainy bike mechanic named Perry accidentally becomes the evil Motodrone. He captures Hunter, and attempts to implant his mind into a new vehicle, the Ninja Glider Cycle.




Power Rangers: S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta)

Voice of the Narrator in “Beginnings, Part I”
Synopsis: Evil Alien Emperor Grumm heads for Earth armed with his loyal followers and an army of feirce cyborg soldiers known as Krybots.
Meanwhile, in order to maintain peace on Earth from all alien attacks or otherwise, a new team of Power Rangers, armed with their own individual powers, is formed under the name of Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D) with Chief Anubis “Doggie” Cruger given supervision of the new team, which is made up of two separate groups, the elite team being the A-Squad of Rangers, and rookie cadets making up the B-Squad, but unlike the A-squad, this team are not yet privileged with morphers
When three B-Team cadets, Sky, Bridge, and Syd, are assigned to investigate two thieves in their area, Jack and “Z”, they find their quarries also possess powers of their own, although Jack and Z are able to elude the B-Team, they soon cross paths again shortly after Grumm arrives on Earth, prompting Anubis to provide the B-Team with morphers to become Power Rangers for the first time.