Monthly Archives: April 2003

LOTR Fanclub Magazine

I just got the latest Lord of the Rings fanclub magazine, and in the back it says coming up in the next issue, “Craig Parker On Haldir.”
You can only get this magazine by being a member of the fanclub, so if aren’t one already, go join now!
Those of you that live in Canada may have noticed on Tuesday that Mercy Peak was removed from it’s 9:00PM slot on the W network. It now only shows at 3:00AM. If you would like to complain about the schedule change, let them know by e-mailing them here:

Photos, Links and Xena

I added a few photos of Craig to the Oscar party gallery.
I also added two sites to the links page:
An unofficial fansite strictly in German!
Craiga Parkera
A Czech unnoficial Fansite.
The Xena episode “To Helicon and Back” will air in the US on the Oxygen channel on April 30th at 11:00AM. Please check your local listing to make sure of the time. Thanks to Faybienne for sending the info in!

Good Morning Download

I have just removed the link to download Craig’s appearance on the Good Morning show from the TVOne website. They have changed the download to the next day’s show that Craig is not on. It was streaming video so it could not be saved to the computer, so I won’t be able to post a clip of it or tell you where else to get it from . Sorry!
I took some little screenshots of it last night and loaded them into the Misc. gallery.I have been working on a transcript and will hopefully post part of it by the end of the day (US time).
I also just added five new photos to the Oscar gallery.

Craig’s Nepal Diary

This is an online diary of Craig’s trip to Nepal for Intrepid Journeys. It is a FANTASTIC read, and even has a photo gallery.
Also, Tuesday April 8th, the UK channel “Sky One Mix” will be showing the Xena episode “To Helicon and Back” at 6:00PM. Sorry for such late notice, but thank you to Elvie for spotting it and letting me know.

New Photos, Page & Article

Lots of updates today!
There are at least 13 new photos in the Oscar Party Gallery, and 8 in the Mercy Peak Gallery.
I have finally created a page for the Oscar Party..
Skybly has translated a German article for us from Ring*Con.
For everyone in New Zealand, Craig’s episode of Intrepid Journey’s will air in TV1 on Monday, April 7th at 7:30PM. If someone could make some screencaps for the gallery, I’d really appreciate it! From the TV1 Website:
Intrepid Journeys: NepalTonight: Craig Parker’s journey into Nepal bring him face-to-face with a vibrant culture, icy peaks, rough lodgings, basic toilets and very cheeky monkeys.