Monthly Archives: May 2003

New Host

I am in the process of changing webhosting companies, so if there is a problem with the site in the next day or two, just check back later. It’s not going anywhere! 😀

LOTR Fan Club Magazine

I have typed up and added the article on Craig from the new LOTR Fan Club magazine here!Two of the photos from the article have been added to the FOTR gallery,the rest to the TT gallery.Thanks to Elf Lady for sending me the scans!
For those of you that had trouble yesterday viewing the larger size version of the new Intrepid Journeys photos, the problem has been fixed!

Finally some updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I had actually done a couple but forgot to post about them. There are a few new sites in the links section,one in Japanese, and one in Polish.
Once again a big thank you to Pennie for giving me a bunch of new photos for the Sarpedon photo gallery!
I know this is late notice, but for those of you that live in Canada, the French version of No One Can Hear You will be shown tonight (May 6th) on the channel TQS (for the rest of Canada, CFAP) under the name “L’Intrus.” Thanks to Kaby for the info!
If someone could scan the small photo of Haldir on the back page of the latest LOTR fanclub magazine, I’d really appreciate it!
A note about Ebay auctions… I have noticed that some people have been taking photos off my site, printing them on photo paper and selling them on Ebay, mainly in the German section. I am aware of it and I do check Ebay for these auctions every couple of days. I will have any auction that does this with my photos or any of the wallpapers from this site removed off of Ebay. I put these photos here for everyone to enjoy FOR FREE, and it’s sad to see people try to make money off of them. If any of you see these auctions, PLEASE don’t bid on them.
A note about the guestbook… PLEASE do not post messages to other people in the guestbook. I did leave a few of them up, but have recently deleted a bunch of them, and/or edited out parts of messages. Please go to the Craig Parker Message boardto get to know other fans.