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Monday update #2

Thanks to Karina, who posted the info in the guestbook, the We network in Canada is once again showing Mercy Peak twice a day starting this Thursday, the 18th of September! I don’t know if they have added the show permanently or not, as quite a few people received messages back from them a couple weeks ago saying that Mercy Peak had been removed from their fall schedule. So take advantage of the show while you can!
Click here to see schedule.
Xena & Hercules episodes with Craig are showing in the US as follows:
Xena: For Him The Bell Tolls
Fri 09.19 12:00noon Oxygen
Young Hercules: Dad Always Liked Me Best
Tue 09.23 11:00am WAM
Young Hercules: Mommy Dearests
Thu 09.25 11:00am WAM
These are EST, but as always, check your TV guide to be sure. Thanks Kim!

Lots of updates today! :D

Lots of updates today! 😀
I’m starting to get quite a few e-mails from people that went to Istroconover the weekend, telling me how wonderful Craig was and what a thrill it was to meet him. I’m so glad everyone had such a great time! Please send photos so I can post them for everyone to see! If you’d like to write up a report of your weekend, please feel free to send that in as well. I’ll try to keep updating as they come in, so keep checking back for updates. The Best of Both Worlds convention is also this coming weekend in Australia!
For those of you that have only seen the movie of the Fellowship of the Ring and have not read the book, I have a paperback copy with a photo of Elijah Wood as Frodo on the cover to give away. There is much more of Haldir in the book than was shown in the movie, so if you’re interested in winning a copy, send an e-mail to drawing@craig-parker.netok is in English only.
From Anelith & Mithras of the Craig Parker Birthday Project:
The deadline for the Birthday Project is coming up fast (19 September)! Send in all your submissions as soon as possible. We would like it if you sent in your snail mail messages one week before the deadline, as for email message they can be sent in anytime as long as they are all in by the due date. We are considering extending the deadline by one week When we have decided we will post it on the website ASAP.
***Please send all correspondence to them as is not part of this project***
Craig’s episode of Xena: Warrior Princess, For Him the Bell Tolls, is scheduled to be shown in the UK on the Bravo channel on Thusday 30 September at 9:50AM. Thanks to Rhianne for the info!
I will be attending RingCon USA in Tacoma after all, so I hope to see a lot of you there!

Home Front Gallery

Thanks to Guia there is now a gallery page for the TV show Home Front, where Craig showed his home. I will not be posting photos of the outside of his home to protect his privacy, and I hope all other sites will follow this example.

Mercy Peak Theme, AFTAS Photo, New Page

For those of you that love the Mercy Peak theme, I have added an MP3 of it on the Mercy Peak page,along with a link to the brand new site of it’s creator, Joel Haines.Thanks to Joal Haines and Charmaine for giving me permission to post the theme, thanks to Bananamanager for tracking them down.
The latest issue of New Idea magazine has a photo of Craig from the AFTA awards from last month. If you’d like to order a copy of this magazine, visit the site of Kiwi Attic.

I’ve added a new page for IstroCon which is less than two weeks away. For those of you that are going, please send in your photos and write up a review of the event!