20 more photos in the Ring*Con, Germany galleryfrom Stephanie Pollok.
And for my third update in within 24 hours… If I do any more updating I’ll just add on to this post instead of making a new one each time. I’ll combine all news today into this one post and delete out the others.
I have updated the Ring*Con: Germany pagewith links to everything in one place. Until the gallery gets listed on my gallery page, you can access it here.
There are 17 more Ring*Con photos.
Original links from WDR TV listed below.
WDR TV Gallery 1
WDR TV Gallery 2
WDR TV Gallery 3
Leo at TheOneRing.Net has just posted a review of his first day at Ring*Con in Germany.
Read report here.
For those of you with Live Journals, there is a fantastic community that takes news from an extensive source of LOTR sites and posts them all in one place for everyone to see.