Monthly Archives: December 2003

Finally some updates!

There are new photos in the Ring*Con 2003 gallery and RingCon Tacoma gallery, new galleries have been made for Memorabilia Con and Gathering of the Fellowship. Thanks to Betsey, Steff, Sian and Silver. There will be quite a bit more in the next couple of days.
Thanks to everyone that took the time to e-mail me about the guestbook. I’ve got too many messages to respond to each one at this point, but know that I read each and every one and appreciate them very much.

Fake Craig

Just to let everyone know, the e-mail address of the person claiming to be Craig is Please delete all messages from this person as it is NOT the real Craig Parker.


As of today, the guestbook has been taken down indefinitely. One reason is the impersonator e-mailing everyone that left their e-mail addresses in their posts (see post below for more info), and another reason is the complete lack of respect for the guidelines of the guestbook. I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that I wish and if anyone has a problem with that, my e-mail address is at the bottom of every page on the site. I spend a lot of time maintaining this site, and pay for webhosting myself for everyone’s enjoyment, and if someone doesn’t like the way I run my guestbook, they are free to e-mail me to discuss it in a rational and intelligent manner, instead of threatening to kill me through the guestbook. If you don’t like me or my site, don’t visit it. It’s that simple. Please also be aware that anyone who feels the need to post those kinds of threats or e-mail them to me me, all information on that person is forwarded to Craig’s management.


I just got in from Toronto and the Gathering of the Fellowship last night. I’ll try to update the site in the next few days but I’ve got a bad case of the flu. While I was away I received several messages from people that received e-mails from someone claiming to be Craig. They are e-mailing people who leave e-mail addresses in their posts in my guestbook, along with forums and other Craig sites. Apparently this person is claiming to be Craig and says they are filming a movie in Africa and would like to come and visit you for a day and to send him money. DO NOT SEND THIS PERSON MONEY! Craig does NOT read my guestbook and does NOT e-mail his fans. Please delete these messages.