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More Updates!

First, because I forgot to mention this back during Dragon*Con … I received my messenger bag from the Official Craig Parker Merchandise site at the end of August and was VERY impressed with the quality of the bag. It’s quite big, has pockets all over it, and was sturdy enough to carry everything I needed around the convention for four days. I showed it to Craig, who actually hadn’t seen the final product either, and he was pretty impressed with the workmanship as well. If you’ve been hesitant about ordering, it’s well worth it! Craig was so sweet and signed the front of it on the flap:

Now on to the updates!
There are new photos in the Elf Fantasy Fair Gallery, 1 from Claudia and 25 from Silver.
More new photos in the Fellowship Festival Gallery, 1 from Kirsty, 27 from Diane.
I’ve made a new gallery for Paris Comic Con, and we’ve got 1 new photo from Cybelia, and 9 from Parn.
If you haven’t read this review over at the CPF forum, check out this report on the Fellowship Festival.
There is also a report of Dragon*Con with some interviews at
Now a word about eBay … The wallpapers and photos on this site are ONLY to be used for your own personal use. If you download something here and print photos or mouse pads, etc., and sell them on eBay, I will find out about it! I will have your auctions shut down. The people that send them in for me to post, spend a lot of time working on them and I won’t tolerate anyone making money off of their hard work. I’ll take that section of the site down before I let that happen. EDIT: This goes for Cafe Press as well! If you see any merchandise on Cafe Press that uses photos or wallpapers that you see here, or any eBay auctions, please let me know so I can take care of it!
For those of you that are heading off to Ring*Con in Bonn this weekend, have a great time!


I know I’ve been bad about updating during the past month, so over the next few days I’ll be updating quite a bit and trying to answer all of my e-mail.
Today we’ve got loads of new photos in the Fellowship Festival Gallery from Nic.
Thanks to Jai, we have a new entry in the Craigspotting section.
The Gathering of the Fellowship is putting together a journal and is welcoming submissions. Please see their site for details. Fellowship Festival Journal