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One Ring Celebration & New Photo

We have a new photo from Paris Comic Con courtesy of Stephane.
Ben, whom you might also know as “Destroyer of Nations,” one of the moderators from the CPF Forum, is working on getting Craig confirmed to the One Ring Celebration convention in January. He e-mailed me the following post that he had made over at the forum:
“OK, everyone, we all know that the voice of the people can move mountains, so, let’s use our voices to let Creation know how much we want Craig to come to TheOneRing Celebration in January. Email campaigns have done wonders in the past with these sort of things. I am asking everyone, even those not planning on attending to help your CPF Fanmily out, by taking a little of your time to either mail, email or even phone Creation so they know that bringing Craig to ORC will bring more guests. If they are hounded by enough requests, they just might make him an offer he can’t refuse. Below is the basic info needed for contacting them.”
Creation Entertainment
217 S. Kenwood Street
Glendale, CA 91205
Phone: ( 818 ) 409-0960
Fax: ( 818 ) 409-0827
Thanks to Ben for sending in the contact info. I’ve already e-mailed them myself and hope to be making it out there for the convention. Please help us out and contact Creation Entertainment!

New Haldir Action Figure!

Apparently Toybiz is working on a new action figure series, the Lothlorien giftset, which will feature Galadhrim Haldir! This is a mock-up and may not be what the final product looks like:

Thanks to Circe for letting me know!

Frontseat on TVOne, New Zealand

Frontseat, this Sunday 7th November 10.55pm TV One
Friday, 5 November 2004, 11:34 am
Press Release: Frontseat
At the Globe: Oliver Driver treads the boards of the re-built Globe Theatre with actors-in-residence Tandi Wright and Simon Ferry, and has a Shortland Street reunion with Rebecca Hobbs and Craig Parker on the Millennium Bridge.
See full article HERE Thanks to Skybly for letting me know!

Photo, links and Another Merchandise Review

There’s a new photo in the Collectormania gallery that is amazing and HUGE! Thanks to for allowing me to post it.
Lea has some great photos on her site from Ring*Con and Masters of the Ring. Go check them out!
Nan wrote in to let us know that Mercy Peak is now being shown again on TVOne in New Zealand on Monday nights at 11:00. Unforunately they showed episode 1 the other day, but it looks like they’ll be showing them in order with the second episde this next week.
After I posted the info about the messenger bag from Craig’s official merchandise site, Stephanie wrote in the following:
The messenger bag is awesome. For me, because of all the pockets, there is a place for everything I used to carry to work in a backpack and a purse. The quality is amazing. I was so happy when I received it that I wished I had ordered 2 of them just so I could have a spare in case anything happened to this one. LOL Bottom line, don’t be afraid to order from the Official Craig Parker Merchandise website. Shipping costs might scare some of you a bit, but think of it this way. This stuff has to travel halfway round the world from New Zealand to get to most of us. You won’t regret it. : )