More Jackalope Info

I heard from the writer/director this morning of Return of the Jackalope, Michael Friedman, and here’s what he had to say about Craig and his film:
“I hope people don’t get disappointed, but it’s really just a very, very minor part. Basically the movie is a mockumentary, or fake documentary, about an old horror film called “Curse of the Jackalope” (the film doesn’t actually exist, we made it specifically for the mockumentary). Craig was very generous with his time at Dragon*Con and agreed to play along and he improvised a little interview about the film, as if he had seen it. We got a couple of other actors while at Dragon*Con to talk about the film, as well, including Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker, as well as some other actors not affiliated with LOTR (for some reason, has only listed Craig and Bruce so far). Anyway, we really appreciated them spending the time to help out our film, they were really funny and it’s going to add a lot to the film. Craig was very cool and a very nice guy.
As for the film itself, it’s very much an independent feature. We are nearing completion on the filming, and will soon get around to completing the edit. We hope to enter the film into some film festivals and try to get distribution, hopefully in theaters and definitely on DVD!”