Young Hercules & Toy Biz

I’ve been bad about posting TV schedules, so I took some time today to look them up! We’ve got both episodes of Young Hercules that Craig was in showing in the month of February here in the US.
Dad Always Liked Me Best shows on February 4th at 5:08PM and 11:30PM and February 7th at 4:45PM on the WAM channel in the US.
Mommy Dearest shows on February 8th at 5:08PM and 11:30PM and February 9th at 4:45PM on the WAM channel in the US.
As always, please check your local TV Guide to be sure of the correct show time.
I have called and e-mailed Toybiz about the Lothlorien Gift Set and the other announced sets that are supposed to contain Haldir, and right now they have no information to give out on any of them. They have been known to cancel figures before, including the FOTR version of Haldir a couple years ago, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Keep in mind that the other sets will not each have a new version of Haldir, but will probably be either the Helm’s Deep version, or the yet to be released Galadhrim version.
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