Another Imposter, Dragon*Con & Tommyknockers

First off, I’ve gotten a few e-mails that there is another person out there pretending to be Craig. Craig does not visit fan websites, forums, chatrooms, mailing lists or Yahoo groups. Anyone who does and claims to be Craig, IS NOT HIM! The only time he has done a chat is through an official convention or event.
For those of you in Germany, the Tommyknockers will be shown on Kabel 1 on the 6th of April at 11.10 pm and on the 13th at 11.15 pm. Thanks to Lilli for sending that in.
SindarinGoddess over at CPF forum asked me to post the following about trying to get Craig invited to Dragon*Con in Atlanta again this year:
Are you interested in bringing Craig to Dragon*Con this year? Here’s how you can help!
Craig is interested in attending Dragon*Con, but it is up to the organizers to ask Craig to attend. Therefore, we as fans need to show our support that we want him to make an appearance there. SO….what has been asked of us is to write letters to the D*C staff to show our support for Craig, and to ask them to ask him to make a return appearance at Dragon*Con 2005.
What is Dragon*Con? It is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention that is held in Atlanta, GA every year. This year it will be held September 2-5, 2005. Last year, Craig attended and several of our esteemed members we able to meet
Here are the people that you need to contact.
John Tackett –
Misha Hess –
You can write to one of both of these Dragon*Con administrators. Please remember, the more support that we show for Craig, the better chance that we have of getting him to go this year!
She also asked us to tell everyone not to do online petitions since it has been proven in the past that they just don’t work. Letter writing is the best way to go for events such as this.
Thank you!